Spinebreaker Art ​Original Collage Artwork for Sale - Handmade from Fashion Magazines

Jennifer L. Schmidt, one of the most original artists working in contemporary collage is known for her signature spinebreaker style of feathering colorful fashion magazine clippings by hand into striking, abstract designs. Her creations are captivating re-imaginings of paging through thick, glossy magazines; each work a prismatic retelling of the desire, the myriad of choices and the fantasy portrayed in American visual culture today.    

Working in this medium grew out of Jennifer’s love of reading and collecting magazines as a kid in her hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.  Since then she innovated a new style using fashion silhouettes as her palette and leaving only aspects of models’ bodies or brands visible in the final assemblage.  In this way, Jennifer invites viewers to place their own heads in the space to examine our collective spiritual disembodiment in today’s fast-paced and fragmented world constantly in search of instant gratification and simultaneous wholeness. 

Since she launched her Spinebreaker Art Studio in Arlington, Virginia two years ago, her collages have been exhibited in several Northern Virginia galleries; in Washington, DC; New York; California and featured in national and international online art competitions.  Her 2013 original Fancy Dance recently received an American Art Award for Best in Abstract Expressionism.  Numerous framed collages are also in private collections across the American South.  For more information, please contact Jennifer at jls@spinebreaker.com.

by Jennifer L. Schmidt  

Artist Statement & Bio